♡ Shane ♡

Buhhh. You like me for who I am? I still have a hard time understanding that...

"I can fix him." Sure you can, sweety. So I got a switch and promptly got myself Stardew valley, one of the first characters you bump into in the early morning after watering your lone 3 parsnips for the day before Pierre's opens is Shane heading to work. He's grumpy, snaps at the player and tells you to leave him alone and for some unholy reasoning my sad little brain decided I WOULD be figuring out his favourite gift and befriending him. When it came time to pick someone to romance, I'd already fallen for him. Meeting him outside Marnie's ranch and drinking beer with him by the lake, spending evenings at the saloon with him, dragging him to the damned hospital after his six heart event, proposing to him in the rain outside the saloon. Shane's really quite soft under all his resting bitch face and nasty attitude when you meet, helping him heal and be better till the day you wake up to see him happily holding a chicken on the farm. Yeah. He's a sports nerd from when he played in high school before his mental health tanked (and the alcoholism, but I don't want to linger on that), he loves chickens and bred a special blue hen and loves the farmer unconditionally. Man, I cant begin to put into words how much of a comfort character this silly chicken man is.

teeny tidbit here is I dont trust people who draw him super skinny. thats all chubby Shane supremacy

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